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Last Updated 3/29/2018

The schedule and other pertinent information is now posted for the " Louisiana Country Dance Hayride ". This is the Second stop for the ACDA 2018 season which will be held April 27-30. On line Registration is Open at this time. For more information contact Ray Michiels - Your Event Director. We're looking forward to a great ACDA Louisiana Hayride Event for 2018 and would very much like for you to be a part of us. The “American Country Dance Association” goal is to be as fair, fun, and affordable as possible.

We will be offering competition in All ACDA Divisions: Couples, Pro/Am and Pro/Pro. Also will have Swing, 9 Dance and CTST.

PLEASE NOTE: Country and Western Registration closes Wednesday April 25th at 5 pm.

Current Hayride Competitor List


“What’s New for 2018”

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( In an attempt to help everyone learn and understand this "American Smooth" syllabus, I will attempt to explain a couple of things. 
The most important thing to understand is that all the numbered elements in the middle of the table of contents are the critical ones to learn.
The first five parts of the table of contents are just general information things like movement and hold, etc. 
The numbered elements are self-explanatory and are the basic movement elements that are allowed in the syllabus.
The last dozen or so "bonus figures" are simply several variations of the original figures for the syllabus. In other words, just different ways to do the same syllabus movements.
For example, "Bonus Figures 4a thru 4d" are just four more ways to do basic syllabus element #9 change of places.
Hopefully this helps clarify the syllabus table of contents.
(Bob Wheatley VP ACDA )

WE WILL BE USING "AN AMERICAN SMOOTH" CLOSED BRONZE DVIDA SYLLABUS!!  BPM RANGE = 150 – 170     Optimum BPM: Newcomer/Novice = 152 Intermediate/Advanced = 162 To obtain videos of the allowable figures please see DanceVision at:  You can arrange your choreography any way you wish but for the first year we will use the above closed syllabus as the allowable figures to aid in everyone’s learning curve as we all adjust to this old dance that is new to us. We want everyone to have an opportunity to learn this dance from the ground up. This will give everyone a year to learn the basic closed elements before we consider opening it up completely. The ACDA will review everything at the end of this year and will take everything into consideration for what the future fate of Viennese Waltz may be. However, for this year VW is an absolute equal to all the non-swing optional dances currently offered. If you are already dancing 8 dances, then you can just add VW for your 9th dance. Or it can equally be substituted for any of the following…. TR2, PLK, NC2, or CHA.

PLEASE NOTE: We have also added language to protect Newcomer Level 4 in Couples and Pro-Am from competitors entering those Divisions from other partner dance genres. We, also, have made it easier for Pro-Am students to partner into Couples Divisions by allowing them to go back one level. Since Pro-Am students would be giving up a professional partner in Pro-Am to dance in Couples, we will allow two Novice Level 3 students to partner in Newcomer Level 4 Couples



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2018 ACDA Event Schedule
Make plans to attend the ACDA events now! Details are under the ACDA Events link.

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The ACDA Board Of Directors are pleased to announce that we have partnered again with for online registration services. This is a 5 year contract for ACDA events from 2014 - 2018!  Through CountryDanceDirector, you will be able to register online for weekend passes, all of your dance competition selections, and even purchase workshop videos.  What if you need to return later to add another weekend pass or change your dance partner?  You can easily do that and much more!  Click on the CountryDanceDirector link to learn more:


For copies of pictures from ACDA events please visit Action Photos. All photos can be viewed from each ACDA event that Action Photos, has attended.


The ACDA Line Dance Step Sheets for 2018 are posted. Please contact Karen Hedges for questions on the Step Sheets.